Mouse cursor breaks when opening switching tabs in Chrome, this may also occur in other browsers. I hope to update with a fix shortly. Current workaround is to use keyboard controls to navigate through menu screens. #About Rearmed Trials Take up your sword, bathe your enemies in thunder, steel and mist! Armed with Wings is a dilapidated world waged in war, how long can you survive? Rearmed Trials offers a wild taste of it’s Steam counterpart, Armed with Wings Rearmed. Battle it out against the horde of Imperials. Collect weapon pickups to boost your stats. Trials features robust and layered combat system - get massive combos and high scores! [Keyboard controls] [Arrow Keys] Movement [A] Attack [S] Power Attack [D] Block/Dodge [XBox controls] [Joystick/Dpad] Movement [A] Attack [B] Power Attack [Right Trigger] Block/Dodge